[MWAVE] 14/09/01 B2ST Begins Weeklong Promotions in Japan for Japanese Best Album

With B2ST′s Japan best album releasing soon, B2ST has launched its promotions in Japan on August 30.

B2ST will be releasing BEAST Japan Best on September 17. Prior to the album release on, B2ST unveiled the best album cover image as well as the teaser video for the bonus track on the Japanese official website on August 29, announcing its upcoming promotions in the country.

The cover image features B2ST’s trendier and more mature sides through an urban concept, emphasizing B2ST’s charismatic charms.

As B2ST has had hits with three ballad songs in Korea, which is extraordinary for a boy group, the best album also includes the sentimental ballad song More Than You Think (translated) as the bonus track, on top of the other tracks of various genres.


Having released a Korean best album B2ST Works 2009~2013 in April, B2ST included Japanese adaptations of its hit songs as well as Japanese original singles in BEAST Japan Best.

B2ST released the first Japanese original single Sad Movie last December, charting it at number six on Oricon’s weekly chart and the second single Adrenaline released in May ranked number two on Oricon’s daily chart.

B2ST also launched B2ST Japan Tour 2014 in January around seven cities in Japan, gathering over 35,000 fans.


Launching promotions in Japan again in about four months, B2ST will be visiting major cities in the country for a week, meeting closely with the fans through broadcasts and performances.

Having won 11 number one trophies with Good Luck, B2ST will be carrying on Japanese promotions on top of continuing with its individual activities in varieties, musicals and song writing, and begin preparations for its comeback.

Photo credit: Cube Entertainment

(Source: mwave.interest.me)